I’m an associate professor in the Kim Jaechul Graduate School of AI at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Prior to joining KAIST, I worked as a research scientist at AITRICS. I finished my PhD in computer science & engineering department at Pohang university of Science & Technology (POSTECH) under the supervision of Professor Seungjin Choi, and did my postdoc in Computational Statistics & Machine Learning group at Univsersity of Oxford with Professor François Caron.

My CV (updated Sep. 2023).

Research Interests

  • Bayesian deep learning
  • Bayesian nonparametric models
  • Generative models
  • Meta learning

For prospective students

I’m seeking self-motivated students who are interested in machine learning, deep learning, and Bayesian methods. Currently, I only advise students who are enrolled in the Kim Jaechul graduate school of AI. If you want to work with me, I encourage you to reaching out to me early, ideally two or three months before the grad school admission deadline and work on research projects under my supervision.


  • (first_name)(last_name) at kaist.ac.kr